Private University Admission with 100% Scholarship

NSU Admission

North South University 

First and second place holders will get hundred percent scholarships in the admission test. Besides, you can get scholarship on satisfactory results. In that case, there should be at least 4.8 GPAs in secondary and higher secondary examinations. After admission, there are opportunities to earn scholarship. If the semester results are good, you can get scholarships at different rates based on the results.


BRAC University

If any student got GPA 5 (Golden GPA 5) without the fourth subject in both the secondary and higher secondary level, then the he will bet 100% scholarship on tuition fee at BRAC University. The University offers scholarships of about 10% to 100% on the results of the semester at BRACU also . If you earn a GPA of ‘4 Out of 4’, then you will be eligible for 100 percent scholarships.  And to get the lowest 10 percent scholarship, the CGPA should be at least 3.70.

Green University of Bangladesh AdmissionGreen University of Bangladesh 

Green University offers attractive scholarship and waiver for the students based on their SSC and HSC GPA.  If any student got combined GPA 10 both in SSC and HSC then he will get 100% waiver on tuition fees. If your GPA below 10 & up to 8 range you will get 40% of scholarship on tuition fees. Not only that if your GPA below 8 & up to 7 range, you will be eligible 30% scholarship. The University offers scholarships of about 10% based on the results of the semesters at GUB also. 


Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) 

AUST offers two scholarships on tuition fees, which is – 100% and 50%. This scholarship is given considering the results of each semester and research experience etc.


Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) 

Students can study at Independent University with 100% scholarship on tuition fees, if there is a GPA five without the fourth subject in secondary and higher secondary examination. Not just GPA, according to the results of the admission test, the best five will get 100% discount. There are also scholarships on semester results.


East West University 

The University has been awarded the highest number of admission in the Faculty of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Science and Engineering for four and one per cent in the Faculty of Arts and Sociology. However, at least 75 percent of the number will be received in this case.

In case of Secondary and Higher Secondary, GPA 5 will be available for admission if there is a separate GPA for the fourth subject. However, in this case 75 percent of the admission test will be earned. In addition, satisfactory results and admission tests for secondary and higher secondary students, apart from the fourth subject, GPA 4.90, but 50% scholarships for admission. There are opportunities to get scholarships over semester results.

American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) 

If you have GPA 5 in both the secondary and higher secondary examinations then you may apply for a scholarship after admission. There is a test for it. After scrutiny, scholarships will be available for the best candidates. The University offers scholarships up to 100%. Apart from this, scholarships are also given on the results of every semester. For this, at least CGPA 3.75 will be required.

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) 

Tuition fee will be waived if the GPA 5 in both the secondary and higher secondary examinations. You will get 25 percent scholarship if you have GPA five separately.  If you have 4.80 to 4.99 Result in the SSC and HSC, then you will get 10% scholarships. Scholarships are also available based on the results of the semester.


United International University 

If you have GPA 5 without fourth subject, you will get 50% of tuition fee waiver and if you have GPA 5 with forth subject in HSC you will get 25% waiver on tuition fee. 

After admission, there is a scope for scholarships for each department in every trimester. Four percent of the top students in merit list get 100 percent scholarships. The next 6 percent of the students get 50 percent scholarships. And the next 10 percent students will get 25 percent scholarships.


Daffodil International UniversityDaffodil International University 

75 percent scholarships will be available in GPA 5 in the Higher Secondary Examination. GPA 5 students with the fourth subject will receive 30 percent scholarship. For the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, GPA 4.9 will have 20% scholarship. And 4.8 will be 10 percent scholarship. For the faculty of arts and social sciences, 4.9 students will receive 25 percent scholarships. 4.8 will get 20 percent scholarships. Within GPA 4.5 to 4.7, 10 percent scholarships will be available. Apart from this, there is a rule of 10 to 50 percent scholarship on the results of every semester.