Last Updated on 17th March 2021

Assignment for Class 6 to 9 Published | Download Class VI to IX Assignment

1st week assignment:- The Directorate Of Secondary & Higher Education (DSHE) has published the assignments for the students of class VI to IX Like last year, this year. The assignment was published on DSHE’s website ( on Tuesday (March 18). This evaluation program will start from next Saturday (March 20) in the educational institution.

This year also the students of class VI to IX will be assessed through assignment and assigned work like the previous year. The evaluation program is starting from March 20 in every educational institution. Students’ assignments and assignments will be published on DSHE’s website two days before the start of the week. At the end of the week, students will complete their assignment or assigned work and submit it to the educational institution (directly / online) and take new assignment. Schools have been asked to give and receive assignments to students online or at social distance. Earlier, the DSHE has published the assignment and assessment guidelines for the students of class VI to IX in the 2021 academic year.

The authority of the Schools have been asked to provide and receive the assignments from students online or at social distance. It has been asked to ensure that no student is under financial pressure. Assignment submission and submission work should start from March 20. Students cannot be given any kind of examination or homework without assignment and scheduled work.

The Evaluation Process by the Teachers (1st week assignment)

Students cannot be given any kind of examination or homework without assignment and scheduled work. Every educational institution has to keep all the assessment records properly. Assignments include explanatory questions, follow-up articles, essays, paragraph writing, literary reviews, case studies, projects, tests, summaries, summary writing, models, charts, poster making, drawing, report preparation, etc. Teachers need to ensure that students submit assignments or assigned assignments on white paper. The parent or his / her representative will collect and submit the assignment from the educational institution one day per week following the hygiene rules. Teachers will pay special attention to whether his basic thoughts, imagination, creativity are reflected in the students’ writing. Each student has to evaluate each assignment or assignment of each subject and identify his / her strengths / weaknesses in the notebook. Comments should be written in such a way that students can understand their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers have been asked to verbally evaluate the assignments through ‘Excellent’ ‘very good’, ‘good’, ‘need for progress’ etc.

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Besides, the department has forbidden the students to do assignments by looking at the note-guides. It has also been informed that if the assignment is done after seeing the note-guide, it will be canceled. In this case you have to submit that assignment again. Details of assignments in each subject from sixth to ninth grade are available on the website of the DSHE- at

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