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Study in Singapore | Universities, Courses, Eligibility, Cost & Visa Process

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Study in Singapore || Singapore is known as one of the world’s premier business centers, but it is also a good option in terms of higher education. There are many opportunities for education for international students in Singapore. Singapore has a strong financial center throughout the world. Also, many of the higher education institutions also have a very high position in the top list. The multi-lingual government of this country also gives a lot of attention to education. This country, which has been a sign of many civilizations and cultures, continues to grow in the fields of finance, business and education in all areas.

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Study in Singapore | Education system:

In Singapore you can apply for Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctorate degree and for different diploma courses are also. Most of the universities in Singapore usually offers two semesters each year. The first semester is from August to December. The second semester is from January to May. For Bachelor Degree, it is usually 3 to 5 years to study full time. Normally 1 to 3 years for master’s degree and for doctoral degrees, usually 2 to 5 years of full-time study is required.

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Popular Courses in Singapore:

Singapore’s educational institutions can usually be applied for admission in all types of subjects, but the subjects which are popular among overseas students, especially Indian students are: MBA, IT, Engineering, Tourism, Art And design etc.

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Study in Singapore | Admission Requirements of Universities in Singapore:

At least 12 years of academic qualification are required for admission to Bachelor’s programs in Singapore. This means that you will have to pass the minimum twelveth class certificate. If you want to be admitted to a master’s degree, you must successfully complete at least 15 years of academic study. If you have a master’s degree, you can apply for a higher degree.

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Tuition Fees and Other Costs in Singapore Universities:

Annual tuition fees for bachelor programs in Singapore universities from 16,254 to 19 thousand Singapore dollars. For the Master’s degree this fee is 3 thousand 901 to 13 thousand dollars per academic year. If you want to enroll in MBA, you will have to calculate an average of 33 thousand 158 dollars for one year. But the cost of educational fee may depends on institutions and courses. With the tuition fee, the food cost of each month need to add 195-293 dollars. Apart from this, the leaving costs will be $ 130-975. Required $ 33-98 for travel, and 20-65 dollars a month for books.

Scholarship / Funding:

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Ranking of Singapore Universities

Singapore is the biggest hit as the top educational destination. According to ‘QS World University Rankings’, keeping in mind the topics such as Mechanical Engineering, Geography, Law, Computer Science, Accounting and Finance, Pharmacy, Communication and Media Studies, Statistics and Modern Languages, NTU is ranked as the best ten Universities Has been included in. Although many other V.V., including NTU and SMU with NUs Have also become the best education hub NUS has been recognized as the third and the 28th best university in the world in Asia. NTU is also ranked number 60 in the world.

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Part time job opportunities in Singapore:

There are many part time job opportunities in Singapore. Students can get the chance to work 16 hours a week. The permission of the authorities may be required for part-time work. However, full-time work can be done during the holidays. Singaporean students have the opportunity to work in restaurants, libraries, various institutions, shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants, clubs and laboratories.

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How to apply in Universities in Singapore:

You can write directly to the department’s admission office to know more about the category you want to be admitted. The application forms are also available on the websites of Singapore universities. Some universities in Singapore also offer the facility of filling-up the application form in online. The visa and other documents will be required to inform the applicant. At this time, the full version of the application, including the English version of all educational qualifications, including Marcus, school or college clearance, IELTS or TOEFL test score, photocopy of passport etc. will be required.

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Study in Singapore | Visa Process

If you apply with necessary documents, you will get a visa easily. At this time, with a minimum of 6 months validity, all educational qualifications, passport size photographs, birth certificates and other relevant documents may be required for passport, affidavit certificate or bank statement, Singapore’s university offer letter, birth certificate.


Medium of Studies in Singapore:

Most of the educational institutions are taught English. So, if you want to teach higher education in the country’s educational institutions, then you are required good skills in English. But in many cases it is also taught in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

Some universities in Singapore:

You can get all the information needed by visiting the websites of the universities. You can contact the university directly for admission. Singapore has four universities:

1. National University of Singapore (NUS)
21, Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119077.
Tel: 0065 6516 2301, Fax: 0065 6778 6371

2. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
36, Nan Yang Avenue, Singapore- 639798.
Tel: 0065 6790 6823, Fax: 0065 9170 0634

3. Singapore Management University (SMU)
Oei Tiong Han Building, 469, Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore- 259756

4. Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
461, Clementi Road, Singapore- 599491
Tel: 0065 6248 97777, Fax: 0065 6763 9077

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