Last Updated on 15th February 2019

Higher Education Opportunities Without Tuition Fees in Europe

Global education is a fundamental right for the people. However, millions of people from different parts of the world are being deprived of education, especially higher education. As a result, they are denied the right to educate, develop skills and transform their dream into reality. In many countries of the world, guardians are unable to pay their children’s higher education tuition fees. On the other hand, students for the higher education are increased day by day but number of universities and colleges are not increased for accommodated the students. As a result, a large numbers of students are being deprived of higher education due to socio-economic reasons. But there is good news for the meritorious and prosperous family students of developing and underdeveloped countries. There are many countries in the world where students can take higher education without tuition fees or low cost. At present, 28 countries offers higher education without tuition fee or at a low cost fee. The following countries offers higher education without tuition fees:

Higher Education in Finland Without Tuition fees

Ranking of the Finland Universities 2018Higher education in the Northern European country of Finland is now funded by the government. It also applies to all international students outside of Europe. Those who do Honors or Masters and PhD [English Language] in Finnish or Swedish languages ​​will not have the tuition fee yet. Essentially, initiative has been taken to encourage foreign students to learn local language. The scope of scholarship in Finland is now mainly applicable to students studying at the doctorate and research level. Foreign students can work 25-hour part-time in a week with student residence permit.

Higher Education in Norway Without Tuition fees

Higher education at Bachelor, Masters and PhD level is absolutely free in Norway like Finland. However, at most Bachelor’s level, most programs are done locally or in Norwegian language. For this reason, foreign students have to show proficiency in local language. However, the study of Masters and PhD level is usually in English. If there is a medium of education at any level, there is no scope for studying without the tuition fees. Apart from this, tuition fees will be charged for private university or college, but it is much lower than other European countries. Foreign students can work part-time at Norwegian resident permit in Norway.
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Higher Education in Germany Without Tuition fees

About 12 percent of university-educated students in Germany are foreign students. This number is increasing day by day because there is no tuition fee for the study at bachelor level in the public university, which is applicable to the locals as well as foreigners. However, students have to pay 100-250 euros for semester fees. But in Germany the tuition fee for studying at the master’s level is required. Foreign students may also work as well as studying in Germany.

Higher Education in Austria Without Tuition fees

International Students in Austria can also pursue higher education without free tuition fees or low cost. Students from undeveloped countries will get the chance to get free tuition fees in the country’s public university. But for other international students to attend government institutions, it will cost about four to seven hundred and fifty euros per semester. At the same time, insurance and student union membership fee will be required for one more 18 euros. 

Higher Education in France Without Tuition fees

Many people will be surprised if they hear this, that in France there is no tuition fee or at low cost for higher education. But in this country like Germany, most programs are taught in French language at the Bachelor’s level. So those who know the French language can take higher education in the country without tuition fees. But there are technically some costs in public universities, which will be less than 200 euros per year. So if you want to study in France you have to take a course in French. If you want to go there, you can start studying in a language course with fees. Note that there are opportunities for higher education in English at Bachelor and Masters level. In this case, the tuition fee will be charged.

Papers Required for admission

What are the drafts to be taken from admission in the country and university? However, the papers usually take place include mark sheets and certificates of all educational qualifications, valid digital passports, language certification and application fees in some cases.

Paper required during the visa process:

There are also variations in the country. However, the documents that usually take place in the visa process are University Admission Letters, all educational qualifications paper, passport, language certificates of demand, sponsored papers such as bank statements and income source paper and visa fees. And the fact that the student visa application of Europe is entirely dependent on whether the students submit their requisite documents to the embassies properly. Student visa admission is easy and student visa is easy to get if it is genuine and if all required documents are submitted.
Students should keep in mind that if there are exceptions for some countries, but to take higher education in Europe without tuition fees, then the language of the country must be known. Apart from the tuition fee, students must carry the other costs, such as housing, food, insurance and transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a significant amount of money annually or monthly. Apart from studies, there should be an opportunity to work in part-time work, but to refrain from just thinking about being dependent on it.
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