Last Updated on 17th March 2018

Ranking of the Universities in Sweden 2018

Study in Sweden

The Swedish higher education system differentiates between university and university college respectively. The universities are research-oriented and may award Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctor’s degrees in all academic fields, whereas the university college usually are more focused on applied sciences, and only have limited rights granting doctor’s degrees.

Top Universities in Sweden | Sweden Universities Ranking 2018 

  1. Lund University
  2. Uppsala University
  3. Royal Institute of Technology
  4. University of Gothenburg
  5. Stockholm University
  6. Linköping University
  7. Umea University
  8. Chalmers University of Technology
  9. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  10. Lulea University of Technology
  11. Orebro University
  12. Malmo University
  13. Linnaeus University
  14. University of Karlstad
  15. Mälardalen University
  16. Mid-Sweden University
  17. Blekinge Institute of Technology
  18. Jönköping University
  19. Halmstad University
  20. Stockholm School of Economics
  21. University of Gavle
  22. University of Skovde
  23. University West
  24. University College of Boras
  25. World Maritime University
  26. University College of Arts Crafts and Design
  27. Sophiahemmet University College
  28. Royal University College of Music Stockholm
  29. Stockholm University of the Arts
  30. Royal University College of Fine Arts
  31. Stockholm School of Theology
  32. Stockholms Free University
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