Best Universities in the USA by States 

There are hundreds of universities in the United States of America (USA). Out of them, the states of the USA also have a lot of quality educational institutions. Finding a list of reputed and top-ranked universities by USA states is not an easy job.  We try to provide a list of universities by states of the USA based on their academic reputation. 

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List of Top US Universities by State 2021

  1. Alabama: University of Alabama
  2. Arizona: Arizona State University
  3. Arkansas: University of Arkansas
  4. California: Stanford University
  5. Colorado: the University of Colorado at Boulder
  6. Connecticut: Yale University
  7. Delaware: University of Delaware
  8. Florida: University of Florida
  9. Georgia: Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
  10. Hawaii: the University of Hawaii at Mānoa
  11. Illinois: University of Chicago
  12. Indiana: Purdue University
  13. Iowa: University of Iowa
  14. Kansas: University of Kansas
  15. Kentucky: University of Kentucky
  16. Louisiana: Tulane University
  17. Maryland: Johns Hopkins University
  18. Massachusetts: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  19. Michigan: University of Michigan
  20. Minnesota: University of Minnesota
  21. Mississippi: University of Mississippi
  22. Missouri: Washington University in St Louis
  23. Montana: University of Montana Missoula
  24. Nebraska: University of Nebraska
  25. New Hampshire: Dartmouth College
  26. New Jersey: Princeton University
  27. New Mexico: University of New Mexico
  28. New York: Cornell University
  29. North Carolina: Duke University
  30. Ohio: Ohio State University
  31. Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma
  32. Oregon: Oregon State University
  33. Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania
  34. Rhode Island: Brown University
  35. South Carolina: the University of South Carolina at Columbia
  36. Tennessee: Vanderbilt University
  37. Texas: the University of Texas at Austin
  38. Utah: University of Utah
  39. Vermont: University of Vermont
  40. Virginia: University of Virginia
  41. Washington: University of Washington
  42. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University
  43. Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  44. Wyoming: University of Wyoming
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