Last Updated on 18th April 2021

Best Universities in the USA by States 

There are hundreds of universities in the United States of America (USA). Out of them, the states of the USA also have a lot of quality educational institutions. Finding a list of reputed and top-ranked universities by USA states is not an easy job.  We try to provide a list of universities by states of the USA based on their academic reputation. 

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List of Top US Universities by State 2021

  1. Alabama: University of Alabama
  2. Arizona: Arizona State University
  3. Arkansas: University of Arkansas
  4. California: Stanford University
  5. Colorado: the University of Colorado at Boulder
  6. Connecticut: Yale University
  7. Delaware: University of Delaware
  8. Florida: University of Florida
  9. Georgia: Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
  10. Hawaii: the University of Hawaii at Mānoa
  11. Illinois: University of Chicago
  12. Indiana: Purdue University
  13. Iowa: University of Iowa
  14. Kansas: University of Kansas
  15. Kentucky: University of Kentucky
  16. Louisiana: Tulane University
  17. Maryland: Johns Hopkins University
  18. Massachusetts: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  19. Michigan: University of Michigan
  20. Minnesota: University of Minnesota
  21. Mississippi: University of Mississippi
  22. Missouri: Washington University in St Louis
  23. Montana: University of Montana Missoula
  24. Nebraska: University of Nebraska
  25. New Hampshire: Dartmouth College
  26. New Jersey: Princeton University
  27. New Mexico: University of New Mexico
  28. New York: Cornell University
  29. North Carolina: Duke University
  30. Ohio: Ohio State University
  31. Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma
  32. Oregon: Oregon State University
  33. Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania
  34. Rhode Island: Brown University
  35. South Carolina: the University of South Carolina at Columbia
  36. Tennessee: Vanderbilt University
  37. Texas: the University of Texas at Austin
  38. Utah: University of Utah
  39. Vermont: University of Vermont
  40. Virginia: University of Virginia
  41. Washington: University of Washington
  42. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University
  43. Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin-Madison
  44. Wyoming: University of Wyoming
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