Last Updated on 5th July 2018

Bogra Polytechnic Institute (BPI) is a Government Technical Institute in Bogra, Bangladesh. It is one of the largest polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh.

Academic programs
Bogra Polytechnic Institute offers Diploma Level Programmes like Diploma-in-Engineering in many different technological areas, each required to study for a 4-year-long curriculum.

Students can participate in:
Refrigeration & air-condition Department. –96
Mining & Mine Survey Technology.–96
Electronics Technology.–96
Electrical Technology.–96
Mechanical Technology.–96
Civil Technology.–192
Computer Technology.–96
Power Technology.–96

Bogra Polytechnic Institute Halls of residence
There are two Boy’s and one Girl’s dormitories. About 1 thousand residential students stay here.
North Hostel
South Hostel
Korotoa Girls Hostel

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Bogra Polytechnic Institute is located at the Bogra city in Bangladesh. It is near the Police Line and Vocational Teachers Training Institute (VTTI)