Last Updated on 17th October 2018

JSC and JDC Examinations will Starts on 1 November 2018

JSC and JDC Examination

JSC and JDC exams will begin on November 1, 2018. Students will have to sit in the seat 30 minutes before the start of the examination. Many questions will be sent to the testing center. Within 25 minutes of starting the test, the question will be selected between the lottery. However, the question paper envelope will be opened 5 minutes before the start of the question paper.

This decision has been taken at the National Monitoring on Fair, Fake Free JSC exams and the Law and Order Committee meeting in the Ministry of Education on Monday. After the meeting, Education Minister Noorul Islam Nahid said this. He said that security has been ensured to ensure proper conduct of the examination. No rumors will be able to spread. Rumors will face a penalty for rumors. Total 13 decisions were taken in the meeting. Meanwhile – During the examination only the central secretaries can access the mobile without the camera. But the phone can not be entered in the test room. Officers / teachers / employees engaged in the process of receiving and transporting question paper from Treasury or Police Station can not use the phone.

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Black glasses can not be used to carry the paper. The Treasury will be stored in day-to-day and set-based sharing in the security envelope three days before the examination of the question paper. In the case of district, the trunk of the question paper will be stored in the police locker of yield for the treasure and yield. In the examination day, all the sets of reserved packets in the security envelope will have to reach the custody of the Tag Officers and the security forces in the Treasury / Police station.

Instructions for using the set from the respective board 25 minutes before the trial begins. After receiving the message on the mobile phone, you will open the security envelope in the set set. While applying the questionnaire in the examination center, the law enforcement will follow carefully the duties. The government departments MPs and government departments will be strengthened to discuss the leakage of question papers or the activities of the workers in this work. Law enforcement and district administration will take stringent legal action against those involved in answering question papers or candidates. Teachers, students and staff will not be able to use digital equipment during the examination. If they do any illegal work in this examination then valid action will be taken against the heads / teachers of the organization. If necessary, the testing center can be canceled.