Last Updated on 30th October 2017

Rajshahi University (RU) results of the ‘K’ unit of education and research institute have been published in this year’s admission test.
The results were published on Monday at the university’s website
In contrast to 50 seats, up to 1 to 393 order (411) has been called for oral examination. The oral test will start from 9am on December 3.
‘K’ unit admission test committee convener Prof. Ansar Uddin said 411 people with the first merit should be present in the oral exam on December 3. In the oral examination, original mark sheet and registration card of SSC and HSC examination and admission test will be brought with the entrance papers signed by the inspector.
Vocational examinations will be conducted in the field of Syed Ismail Hossain Siraji Bhaban’s 203, 207, 208 and 209 of the university.
Any information related to admission test can be found on the University website.
The ‘K’ admission test was conducted from 8am to 9.30 on the last 23 October. In addition to 50 seats, 11 thousand 622 candidates took part in the admission test.

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