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Top Colleges in Cox’s Bazar | List of All Colleges in Cox’s Bazar with EIIN Number

Top Colleges in Cox's Bazar

Top Colleges in Cox’s Bazar:- Cox’s Bazar is a city of port, tourism center, and district headquarters in the southeastern corner of Bangladesh. It is famous for its long sandy beach. It has the longest sea beach in the world.
Cox’s Bazar Government College is the top college for offering higher secondary and bachelor’s degrees, which were founded in Cox’s Bazar in 1962. Cox’s Bazar Law College is the first profession-based college founded in this district in 1985.
Another famous college in Cox’s Bazar is Govt. Women’s College. It is the first Higher Secondary and bachelor’s degree college. The college offers courses in this district only for women.

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Top Colleges in Bangladesh

Best Colleges in Cox’s Bazar

  1. Cox’s Bazar Govt. Mahila College, Cox’s Bazar
  2. Cox’s Bazar Govt. College
  3. Cox’s Bazar Gov’t Polytechnic Institute
  4. BIAM Laboratory School and College Cox’s Bazar
  5. Cox’s Bazar Medical College
  6. Cox’s Bazar City College
  7. Ukhiya University College, Cox’s Bazar
  8. Cox’s Bazar Commerce College
  9. Dulahazara Degree College
  10. Cantonment Public School and College RAMU
  11. RAMU Cantonment English School and College
  12. Cox’s Bazar Medical College

Best Colleges in Bangladesh

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List of All Colleges in Cox’s Bazar with EIIN Number

Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila

  1. Cox’s Bazar Govt. College (EIIN: 106317)
  2. Cox’s Bazar Govt. Mahila College (EIIN: 106316)
  3. Cox’s Bazar City College (EIIN: 106315)
  4. Cox’s Bazar Commerce College (EIIN: 132142)
  5. Cox’s Bazar Harvard International College (EIIN: 134439)
  6. Eidgah Farid Ahmed College (EIIN: 106314)

Chakoria Upazila

  1. Chakoria City College (EIIN: 106229)
  2. Shahid Ziaur Rahman Upakulio College (EIIN: 106255)
  3. Badarkhali College (EIIN: 106232)
  4. Chakaria Commerce College (EIIN: 135312)
  5. Chakoria College (EIIN: 106230)
  6. Chakoria Mohila College (EIIN: 132204)
  7. Dula Hazra College (EIIN: 106233)

Kutubdia Upazila

  1. Kutubdia College (EIIN: 106334)
  2. Dhurung Ideal High School & College (EIIN: 106319)
  3. Kutubdia Mohila College (EIIN: 138101)
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Maheshkhali Upazila
Bangabandhu Mohila College, (EIIN: 106374)
Hoanak College (EIIN: 106373)
Maheshkhali College (EIIN: 106372)

Ramu Upazila

  1. Ramu College (EIIN: 106397)

Teknaf Upazila

  1. Teknaf College (EIIN: 106422)
  2. Moin Uddin Memorial College (EIIN: 137633)

Ukhia Upazila

  1. Ukhia College (EIIN: 106446)
  2. Bangamata Fazilatunessa Mujib Mohila College (EIIN: 106447)