Top Private Universities in Bangladesh for EEE 2021

Ranking of the Private Universities in Bangladesh for EEE: Students after 12th Class aims to join one of the reputed engineering institutes to get a degree. Out of the many engineering branches available, Electrical Engineering is the most sought after choice students opt for. It is due to a variety of reasons why many students prefer electrical engineering.

Top 20 Private Universities 2021 in Bangladesh | Private University Ranking 2021

Electrical and electronics engineers are involved in a wide variety of technology ranging from huge global positioning systems which can pinpoint the location of a moving vehicle to gigantic electrical power generators. These engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing as well supervising the production of electrical and electronic equipment and machinery. Broadcast and telecommunication systems, electric motors, controls of machinery, lights and wiring in building complexes, vehicles, aircraft, radar and navigation systems, power generation, control and transmission devices which are used by electric utilities are all examples of equipment built by these engineers. 
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Job Sectors for EEE Graduates

These engineers can work in atomic power plants, hydel or thermal power plants. Job opportunities are also ample in both private and public sector like railways, civil aviation, electricity board and utility companies, electrical design and consultancy firms and all types of manufacturing industries.
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Factors for Considering Best Private Universities in Bangladesh for EEE

1. Quality of Education
2. The reputation of the faculty members
3. Required and well-equipped laboratories
4. Research facilities
5. Facilities for the students
6. Classroom environment and student size in a section
7. Faculty Member and Student Ratio
8.  Student Class Attendance 
9.  Opportunities for the employment
10. Facilities for conducting project and thesis
11.  Present Status of Permanent Campus
12.  Process of Admissions 

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List of the Best Private Universities for EEE Degree in Bangladesh 2021

  1. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)
  2. North South University (NSU)    Dept Info
  3. BRAC University (BRACU)    Dept Info
  4. Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)  Dept Info
  5. East West University (EWU),     Dept Info
  6. United International University (UIU)Dept Info
  7. American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)Dept Info
  8. Daffodil International University (DIU),   Dept Info
  9. Green University of Bangladesh,     Dept Info
  10. University of Asia Pacific (UAP)Dept Info
  11. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh,   Dept Info
  12. International Islamic University, Chittagong
  13. Stamford University Bangladesh
  14. Southeast University, Bangladesh,   Dept Info
  15. International University of Business Agriculture and Technology    Dept Info