Last Updated on 19th March 2019

The idea of ​​not allowing permission to open an engineering department at the new private university is underway. This type of department requires sophisticated laboratories, world-class libraries and high-speed internet. But it is not always possible to ensure that such infrastructure facilities are available at rented new universities. For this reason, the University Grants Commission (UGC) is thinking of not allowing permission to open engineering departments at different universities of this type of university.

The chairman of UGC Prof Abdul Mannan told on Monday, “We can not open or shut down any department of any university. Our ordinance did not give it the jurisdiction. However, we can recommend that any infrastructure should be allowed to be read and what should not be given. The Ministry of Education will decide on this. “There are currently 103 private universities in the country. However, 95 of them are operational. Most of the people, except for handcuffs, are still in the rented house. In the last 10 years, the government has approved the establishment of 50 universities. Of these, more than 40 were launched.

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Most of the 51 old university engineering departments, including new ones, have started interested students. Several sources of UGC said that recently approved and established private universities have applied for one-to-one UGC to open Engineering Department. The UGC constitutes an expert committee when the application is open for general category. The committee inspected the report and gave the report. Then, with the permission of the ministry, the universities got permission to open the department.
It has been learned that, in the recent times, the applications for the introduction of engineering departments or programs are among the top, civil, textile and mechanical engineering. Apart from this, there are applications to open programs and courses on various types of technical science and basic science and technical and technology.

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In view of this, the expert committees visited several universities. The concerned people are frustrated. There is no necessary laboratory in equipment. No books in the library. Not only that, currently there are about 5 dozen universities in the engineering department. One of the UGC members said that most of these universities are not “inspirational” as well. Under such circumstance, the UGC wants to go to the policy of ‘rigorous’ to open its divisions and courses.