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20 Universities Admission Test 2020-2021 | Only Selected Students will sit for the test 

20 Universities Cluster Admission Test: The admission test under the academic session of 2020-2021 of the 20 public universities will be held in cluster system after the opening of the educational institution. However, not all the candidates who are willing to be admitted will have the opportunity to take part in the admission test. Only selected candidates can take part in this admission test after application. The decision was taken at a meeting of vice-chancellors of 20 universities at Jagannath University (JnU) in the capital on Thursday the 04 February 2021.

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The meeting has taken three important decisions. First, when the Ministry of Education decides to open an educational institution, then the admission test of these 20 universities will be held. Second, as per the qualifications already declared, the students seeking admission will apply. It does not cost any money. After that the selected candidates will be screened and given the opportunity to appear for the admission test. The selected candidates will be informed those who will be eligible for the admission test. Eligible candidates will have to apply again with a fee of Tk. 500.00 and they will be able to take the admission test. In addition, the number can be deducted for wrong answers in the admission test.

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According to meeting sources, each university will have a center to conduct the said admission test. Students will be selected for the admission test according to the seating arrangements in these universities. Students seeking admission will prefer the center at their convenience.

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20 Universities Admission Test| Distribution of Marks for the admission Test 2020-2021

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  • The Humanities Department examinations will be in Bengali, English and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). There will be 40 marks in Bengali, 35 marks in English and 25 marks in ICT.
  • The examinations in Business Education (Commerce) will be on Accounting (No. 25), Business Structure and Management (No. 25), Language (No. 13 in Bengali and No. 12 in English) and ICT (No. 25).
  • Science students will have to take exams in language (10 marks in Bengali and 10 marks in English), Chemistry (20 marks), Physics (20 marks) and ICT, Mathematics and Biology in any two subjects (20 marks in each subject).
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It was decided at that meeting that no one would pass or fail the exam. Everyone will get a score based on the test. The universities will then issue admission notices on their own terms and will admit students on the basis of those results.

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Minimum GPA Requirement to apply to 20 Public Universities

The minimum eligibility for application has been fixed in 20 public universities for the cluster system admission test 2020-2021. The total GPA of the secondary and higher secondary in the science department is 7.00 (excluding the fourth subject), the total GPA of secondary and higher secondary in business education is 6.50 (excluding the fourth subject) and the total GPA of secondary and higher secondary in humanities is 6.00 (excluding the fourth subject)

20 Public University to take Cluster System Admission Test

At a meeting of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Vice-Chancellors of the different universities on 01 December, 2020, it was decided to conduct admission test in 19 general and science and technology universities in a cluster system. Later, Patuakhali University of Science and Technology also decided to come in this group. The other 19 universities are:

  1. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST),
  2. Khulna University (KU),
  3. Islamic University (IU)
  4. Haji Mohammad Danesh University of Science and Technology (HSTU),
  5. Maulana Bhasani University of Science and Technology (MBSTU),
  6. Noakhali University of Science and Technology (NUST),
  7. Jagannath University (JnU),
  8. Comilla University,
  9. National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University (JKKNIU),
  10. Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST),
  11. Begum Rokeya University (BRUR),
  12. Pabna University of Science and Technology
  13. Patuakhali University of Science and Technology
  14. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology,
  15. Barisal University,
  16. Rangamati University of Science and Technology,
  17. Rabindra University,
  18. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University,
  19. Sheikh Hasina University and
  20. Bangamata Sheikh Fojilatunnesa Mujib Science & Technology University
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Distribution of Marks in the Cluster Admission Test

For science students, there will be 20 marks in Physics, 20 marks in Chemistry, 40 marks in Biology, Mathematics and ICT. Any two subjects in Biology, ICT and Mathematics have to be answered. And in Bengali and English, there will be a total of 20 questions with 10 marks.

For Commerce, there will be 25 marks in Accounting, 25 marks in Business Organization and Management, 25 marks in ICT, 13 marks in Bengali and 12 marks in English. In the humanities section, there will be 40 questions in Bengali, 35 questions in English and 25 questions in ICT.