Last Updated on 18th May 2021

Ranking of the Universities of Afghanistan

afghan university ranking

Afghan Universities Ranking:- The top-ranking universities in Afghanistan are the Kabul University (KU) followed by the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). Both universities are located in Kabul. Other renowned universities in Afghanistan are located outside the capital city Kabul. Kandahar University on the south side, Herat University on the northwest side, Balkh University and Kunduz University on the north side, Nangarhar University, and Khost University on the east side of Afghanistan. 

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Afghan Universities Ranking

1. American University of Afghanistan

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2. Kabul University

3. Afghan University

4. Kabul Medical University

5. Herat University

6. Kateb Institute of Higher Education

7. Kardan University

8. Nangarhar University

9. Polytechnical University

10. Paktia University

11. Bakhtar University

12. Takhar University in Takhar Province

13. Kabul Education University of Rabbani

14. Al-Beroni University

15. Polytechnical University of Kabul

16. Dunya Institute of Higher Education

17. Khurasan University

18. Sheikh Zayed University

19. Karwan University

20. Jawzjan University

21. Mashal Institute of Higher Education

22. Salam University

23. Bamiyan University

24. Rana Institute of Higher Education

25. Aria Higher Education Institution

26. Balkh University

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27. Kaboora Institute of Higher Education

28. Kandahar University

29. Baghlan University

30. Ghalib University

31. Bost University

32. Nai Media Institute

33. Information & Communication Technology Institute

34. Khana-e-Noor Institute of Higher Education

35. Khatam Al Nabieen University

36. TABESH Institute of Higher Education

37. Sadat Institute of Higher Education

38. Gharjestan Institute of Higher Education

39. Maryam Institute of Higher Education

40. Kabul Health Sciences Institute

41. Cheragh Medical Higher Education Institute and Hospital

42. Farabi Institute of Health Sciences

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