Last Updated on 11th April 2017

Apu biswas Exclusive interview about marry shakib khan

Dalliwood Actress Apu Biswas appeared in an interview aired live by News24 on Monday with a child and she claims to have had with Shakib Khan.

The actress has recently returned home after staying abroad and remaining almost out of touch with the film industry for a year.

She said she married with Shakib Khan in 2008 and gave birth to their son, Abraham Khan Joy, on Sep 27 last year. Before marry to Shakib Khan, she converted to Religious of Islam and changed her name to Apu Islam Khan.

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Apu has appeared on interview a few months after getting involved in a ‘conflict’ with actress Shabnam Yasmin Bubli over pairing with Shakib Khan in a film.

Shakib also acknowledged having the child but said he does not have any conjugal relations with Apu.  
However, Shakib seemed angry over Apu’s disclosure about their ‘marriage’ as he said he will accept his son but not Apu. He said his relation with Apu was an emotional one and he had not married the actress.