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Boustany MBA Harvard University  Scholarship 

Best Community Colleges in Maryland, USABoustany MBA Harvard Scholarship:- The Harvard MBA is one of the world’s driving business programs, instructed at one of the world’s most renowned Universities.

The Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship is allowed once every two years for a two year course at Harvard Business School.

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The Boustany Foundation awards scholarships to exceptionally talented individuals, creates life-changing opportunities for less privileged children and encourages tolerance between different cultures.

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The Boustany Foundation, based in Switzerland and Monaco, began its journey in 2006. Nabil Boustany and his son Fadi started the journey of this foundation. Prior to this, scholarships were being given to MBA students of Cambridge University since 1997 on private initiative. Then in 2006 the journey of the foundation started. Since then, the Boustany Foundation has been providing scholarships in various fields of education.

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Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship facilities

  • If you get this scholarship, you will get 1,02,200.00 US dollars for 2 years. Anyone who receives this scholarship will receive financial assistance of 51,100.00 USD.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses related to the internship.
  • The next Scholarship will be awarded for the class commencing Autumn 2021.
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Eligibility of application

Boustany Foundation MBA Scholarship Application is open for students from different countries including Bangladesh. However, there are some conditions for this. Such applicant candidate must be good in academic studies. Anyone can apply for this scholarship. Applicants of Lebanese descent will receive priority. Candidates can apply for the scholarship after receiving an admission offer from the Harvard MBA program.

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How to apply for Scholarship

  • Candidates interested in applying for an MBA Scholarship from the Boustany Foundation at Harvard University must send a CV with photo.
  • In addition, GMAT scores and a letter of recognition from the university where you are studying should be sent to [email protected].
  • All CVs will be selected and listed. Candidates shortlisted will be invited for an interview on behalf of the Foundation.
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Details about the Boustany MBA Harvard Scholarship