American Universities in Qatar | USA Universities in Qatar

List of foreign universities in Qatar

American Universities in Qatar:- In the last few years, Qatar has seen a surge in wealth due to fuel trade. Qatar now one of the world’s richest countries by GDP according to a recent World Bank analysis. Qatar is investing continuously significant amounts in developing and internationalizing its higher education system. In this connection Qatar allowing in this country of world most prestigious higher education institutions, the universities name is given below:

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The Best USA Universities in Qatar

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

  • Bachelor and Masters Programs:
    Biological Sciences
    Business Administration
    Computer Science
    Information Systems
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Georgetown University in Qatar

  • Bachelor and Masters Programs:
    Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS)
    Executive Education
    Programs for High School Students

Texas A&M University at Qatar

  • Bachelor and Masters Programs:
    Chemical Engineering
    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Petroleum Engineering
    Liberal Arts
    Graduate Studies

Virginia Commonwealth University – Qatar

  • Bachelor and Masters Programs:
    BFA in Fashion Design
    BFA in Interior Design
    BFA in Graphic Design
    BFA in Painting and Printmaking
    BA in Art History

Northwestern University in Qatar

  • Bachelor and Masters Programs:
    Bachelor of Science, Communication
    Bachelor of Science, Journalism
    Master of Arts, Sports Administration

Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar

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