List of foreign universities in Qatar

In last few years, Qatar has seen a surge in wealth due to fuel trade. Qatar now one of the world’s richest countries by GDP according to recent World Bank analysis. Qatar is investing continuously significant amounts in developing and internationalizing of its higher education system. In this connection Qatar allowing in this country of world most prestigious higher education institutions, the universities name is given below:

  1. University of Aberdeen
  2. Northumbria University
  3. Northwestern University in Qatar
  4. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
  5. College of North Atlantic Qatar
  6. University of Calgary Qatar
  7. Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar
  8. Stenden University Qatar
  9. Syscoms Institute
  10. Texas A&M University at Qatar
  11. University College London Qatar
  12. Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
  13. Academic Bridge Programme
  14. Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar