Last Updated on 25th November 2020

HSC Result 2017 Published









Speaking at a press conference (virtual) on Wednesday (November 25) at noon on the issue of admission at the secondary level, the education minister said, “This year, the HSC exams have been canceled and all the candidates have been declared pass.” Grades will be determined by SSC-equivalent and JSC-JDC examination results. For this, we formed a technical committee. They have given us a direction for determining a grade by observing various subjects. In view of this, the results of this year’s HSC examination will be released. ‘

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He said, ‘SSC examination results will be given more importance to determine the grade. The results of the HSC examination will be published by adding 75 percent from SSC and 25 percent from JSC or its equivalent marks to the total marks of this examination.

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He added, “We have accepted those who did not participate in the JSC exams, including BOU.” Therefore, the result of the HSC examination will be announced based on the result of their SSC examination. The number of subjects equal to the previous examination will be given importance. The report recommends how to assess issues that do not match.

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He said the results of the test would be released by the end of December.

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As the epidemic situation has not improved much, the final exams of the fifth and eighth and the annual exams of the school are not being held this time. Students will all move up to the next class without exams.