Last Updated on 12th July 2016

Universities in Libya, List of the Universities in Libya 


  1. Libyan International Medical University 
  2. Misurata University (Misrata University) 
  3. University of Tripoli (Al Fateh University) 
  4. Omar Al Mukhtar University 
  5. Al Jabal Al Gharbi University 
  6. Al Zawiya University (Seventh of April University) 
  7. Al Asmarya University of Islamic Sciences 
  8. Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute 
  9. Sirte University (Al Tahadi University) 
  10. Academy of Graduate Studies 
  11. University of Elmergib 
  12. University of Tripoli 
  13. University of Benghazi (University of Garyounis) 
  14. Al Fateh University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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