Last Updated on 8th June 2021

List of Govt and Private Colleges in Khulna, Bangladesh

List of Top Colleges in Khulna:- Khulna is an administrative division of Bangladesh. It has a lot of educational institutions. Here is a list we have prepared for the students who want to study higher secondary or graduation level. 

List of Top Colleges in Khulna












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Govt Colleges in Khulna

  1. Azam Khan Govt. Commerce College
  2. Govt. B.L. College, Daulatpur, Khulna.
  3. Khulna Govt. Girls College, Boyra, Khulna.
  4. Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College, Glaxo More, Khulna.
  5. Govt. Pioneer Woman’s College, Khulna.
  6. Govt. Bangabandhu College, Rupsha, Khulna.
  7. Govt. L.B.K Mohila College, Dacope, Khulna.
  8. Haji Mohammad Mohasin College, Khalishpur, Khulna.
  9. South East Engineering College, Mujgunni Mohasarok, Khulna.10
  10. Govt. M.M. City College, Khulna.
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Private Colleges in Khulna

  1. Islamia Degree College, Boyra, Khulna.
  2. Khulna College
  3. Daulatpur College (Day/Night), Daulatpur, Khulna.
  4. Dumuria College, Dumuria, Khulna.
  5. Ahsanullah College (Honours), KDA Ave., Khulna.
  6. Jahanabad Cantonment Public School & College, Cantonment, Gilatola, Khulna.
  7. Saburunessa Girls’ College, Gagan Babu Road, Khulna.
  8. Sarowar Khan Degree College, Senhati, Khulna.
  9. Khulna Public College, Boyra, Khulna.
  10. Khulna Model School & College, Boyra, Khulna.
  11. Bangladesh Navy School & College, Goalkhali, Khulna.
  12. Khulna Collegiate Girls’ School & College, Rupsha, Khulna.
  13. Rayermohal Degree College, Rayarmohol, Khulna.
  14. Bajua S.N College – Dacope, Khulna
  15. Shaheed Smrity Mohila College, Dumuria-9250
  16. Moulana vasane Beddapeth girl school & college
  17. Rupsha College, East Rupsha, Khulna.
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