Last Updated on 16th February 2024

Canada remains a top choice for international students, considering to its high-quality education, abundant scholarship opportunities, affordable tuition, favorable living conditions, and promising career prospects. Among the myriad of options, York University in Toronto, Ontario, stands out with its prestigious ‘President’s International Scholarship of Excellence’, attracting a significant number of International as well as Bangladeshi students.

The President’s International Scholarship of Excellence at York University offers selected students $45,000 annually for graduate studies. Open to applicants worldwide, including Bangladesh, this scholarship presents an exceptional opportunity to pursue academic excellence in various fields offered by the university. Founded in 1959, York University is renowned for its research contributions and global academic standards.

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President’s International Scholarship Key Scholarship Details:

  • Number of Scholarships: The program awards the top 20 applicants with the President’s International Scholarship of Excellence.
  • Scholarship Amount: Recipients receive $45,000 USD per year, totaling $180,000 USD for a four-year undergraduate degree. Additionally, the Tentanda Via Award grants $30,000 to 15 deserving students, while the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award recognizes two individuals with $20,000 each.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Foreign students with a study permit for Canada, seeking admission to an undergraduate degree program at York University for the fall semester of 2024, are eligible to apply. Academic excellence, leadership qualities, English proficiency, and two letters of recommendation are required.
  • Application Deadline: Interested candidates must apply online by February 15, 2024.
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Apply York University for President’s International Scholarship of Excellence

By offering substantial financial support and acknowledging academic merit and leadership potential, these scholarships enhance the appeal of York University to global talent. Aspiring students are encouraged to seize this opportunity to pursue their educational aspirations in one of Canada’s leading institutions.