Last Updated on 30th October 2017

In view of the complaints of teachers association, the Education Ministry has ordered all kind of recruitment activities at Comilla University to be stopped. The Vice-Chancellor has been ordered to stop the recruitment till the next decision is taken by the ministry.

This order was given in a letter signed by deputy secretary Habibur Rahman of Government University-1 (Parishakha-18) of the Ministry of Education. On Monday evening, the University Registrar Majibur Rahman Majumder confirmed the matter in the first light.

According to the university sources, there are many types of irregularities and corruption in the recruitment of teachers, officers and employees in Comilla University – the teachers’ committee has made such a complaint in the education ministry. In this context, the Education Ministry ordered the closure of all types of recruitment activities in the university on Sunday. The ministry’s letter reached the University authorities on Monday.

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University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ali Ashraf said, ‘I have not appointed anyone at the moment. No recruitment. The ministry received the letter. Work will be done in the light of the letter. ‘

Asked about the general secretary of the teachers’ association, Mehedi Hasan said, “The Vice-Chancellor’s expires on December 2. At the end of the period, he was planning to appoint officers and employees in different departments and various administrative positions. Some of his followers were engaged in recruitment business in this area. We have complained to the Education Ministry to bring transparency in the process of recruitment. In this context, the ministry issued the directive.