Top 10 Universities in Bangladesh for Sociology

Not only in Bangladesh, but also in different countries of the western world, research is being done on sociology. Everyone is consulting sociologists to solve any social problem. Students are currently being admitted to about 44 public and private universities in Bangladesh

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The sociology degree curriculum at the university level places great emphasis on research. Among the international and domestic research institutes in Bangladesh, the notable peoples are ICDDRB, BRAC, BISR, BDRC from the sociology background. Many students are joining BCS education and other cadres every year after passing out from the sociology department in various universities.

Type of work of Sociology Graduates

Research, Development, Programs, Education, Health and Nutrition Department, Human Resource Development. In addition, sociology graduates can also work as researchers, assistant researchers, field research observers, researchers

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Career Options for Sociology Graduates

  • Teaching Jobs at the university level. For this, a Master’s Degree is required in Sociology to be a teacher of Sociology. But foreign countries require Ph.D. and more (postdoc). The publication is required.
  • Jobs in Development Sector: Organizations like World Bank, UNDP need people from various sectors of social sciences. These jobs will also often require a higher degree for a leading position. At some junior levels, only a master’s is sufficient.
  • Jobs in NGO Sector: Consultancy in the NGO sector in the country and abroad is the first choice of many graduates of Sociology. A degree in Social science is also in high demand in other jobs related to planning.
  • Jobs in Multinational Companies: Graduates of Sociology are in demand for many jobs, such as in different types of multinational companies.
  • Banking Jobs: Sociology Graduates are in high demand in the public and private banking sectors.
  • Government Jobs: Many social science graduates go for government jobs and semi-government jobs. Many prominent social scientists of Bangladesh have been government officials and have made significant contributions to public policy.
  • Industry Jobs: Industry Jobs are many people’s main dream and they also like to work as data scientists.
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Best Public Universities for Sociology in Bangladesh

  1. University of Dhaka
  2. The University of Rajshahi
  3. The University of Chittagong
  4. Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)
  5. Khulna University
  6. Islamic University

Read more about following private universities

Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh for Sociology

  1. East West University (EWU)
  2. Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
  3. North South University
  4. Green University of Bangladesh (GUB)
  5. Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology
  6. Central Women’s University
  7. Varendra University, Rajshahi
  8. Dhaka International University
  9. Bangladesh University
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