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Best Private Universities for English Program in Bangladesh, 2024

Top Private Universities for English in Bangladesh


Top Private Universities for English Program 2024 Edition:
A degree in English language and literature is intended to make you read books, break down hypotheses, evaluate the composition and refrain, and investigate the signs and words encompassing us consistently. An English degree can concentrate similarly on the writing and dialect sides, while others have practical experience in either; this will typically be obvious from the course title. Thus, instructors won’t spoon-feed you data but instead, anticipate that you will build up your comprehension by perusing appointed basic hypotheses and diaries alongside the key writings.

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English Majors

  • Major in Linguistics
  • Major in Literature

Career Prospects for English Graduates

As great correspondence is so essential to the current business, you can discover English graduates in all parts of the economy, although obviously, you can’t hope to land a position as a specialist or atomic physicist. There isn’t a considerable measure of contrast as far as results between taking English dialect or English writing, so pick the one that suits you, and don’t stress over whether one is bound to land you the position you need over the other.  
English graduates build up an extensive variety of aptitudes that are significant to graduate managers, including how to contend in a point, how to think freely, outline and abstract, compose and talk well, compose answers, display data adequately, and fill in as a component of a group.

Jobs directly related to English Graduates include:

  • Govt jobs
  • University/College/Schools Teacher
  • Corporate Executive
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Teachers when English is a foreign language
  • Journalist
  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
  • Content Manager
  • Story Writer
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Career Opportunities for English Graduates (Indirect)

  • Academic Librarian
  • Public relations officer
  • Social media manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Arts administrator
  • Film Director
  • ICT Officer
  • Private tutor

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Best Private Universities for BA (Hons) in English | Top Private Universities for English Programs

01. BRAC University (BRACU)
BRAC University UB01, Mohakhali,
66 Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Road,
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

02. North South University (NSU)
Admissions Office: Plot 15, Block B
Bashundhara, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh
PABX: +880 2 55668200, Fax: +880 2 55668202
Email: [email protected]

03. East West University (EWU)
The Admission Office, A/2, Jahurul Islam Avenue
Jahurul Islam City | Aftabnagar
Dhaka-1212 | Bangladesh, Website:

04. Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
Admissions Office
Plot 16 Block B, Aftabuddin Ahmed Road
Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone:+88-02-8431645-53, 8432065-76
Hotline:+880 9612-939393
Fax: +88-02-8431991
E-mail: [email protected]

05. University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
House 56, Rd 4/A @ Satmasjid Road
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh
Phone: 966-1255, 966-1301, 967-5919

06. University of Asia Pacific (UAP)

Admissions Office
74/A , Green Road , Farmgate,
Dhaka – 1215, Bangladesh
Email: [email protected]

07. Green University of Bangladesh
Founded in 2003
The Admissions Office
Purbachal American City, Kanchan, Rupganj
Narayanganj-1461, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Cell No: 01324713502, 01324713503,
01324713504, 01324713507, 01324713508
Email: [email protected]

Dhaka City Information Center
220/D/4/1 Begum Rokeya Sharani
Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
Cell No.: 01324713502, 01324713504

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08. Daffodil International University
Address: 102, Shukrabad, Mirpur Road,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.
Email: [email protected]

09. American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB
Admissions Office
House 83/B, Road 4, Kemal Ataturk Avenue Banani,
Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh+88-02-9894229,
Fax: +88-02-8813233
[email protected]

10. International Islamic University Chittagong

Kumira, Chittagong-4318, Bangladesh
IP Tel.: +8809613230505
Tel.: +88-03042-51153
Fax.: 03042 51160
Email: [email protected]

11. Eastern University Bangladesh
Admissions Office, Eastern University
House 26(1st Floor), Road 5,
Dhanmondi Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

12. Southeast University
Admissions Office:
Road: 18, House: 64,
Block: B Banani,
Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh

Factors for Considering Best Private Universities for English Programs in Bangladesh

Selecting the right university for your English studies is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your academic and professional journey. With several universities offering English programs in Bangladesh, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure you make an informed choice.

1. Accreditation and Reputation: Academic Excellence at the Vanguard

Begin your search by looking into the accreditation and reputation of the universities. A university with a good reputation for its English department is more likely to provide quality education.

2. Faculty Expertise: Guiding Hands on Your Academic Journey

Research the faculty members of the English department. Check their qualifications, teaching experience, and any publications or research they have contributed to. A strong faculty is indicative of a robust academic environment.

3. Course Curriculum: Unveiling the Breadth of English Studies

Examine the curriculum offered by each university. A comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum that covers a range of topics in English literature, language, and related fields is essential for a well-rounded education.

4. Facilities and Resources: Empowering Your Learning Experience

Consider the resources available to English students, such as libraries, language labs, and other facilities. Access to a well-stocked library and modern technology enhances the learning experience.

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5. Alumni Success: A Testament to the Program’s Effectiveness

Look into the achievements of alumni from the English department. Graduates who have succeeded in various fields establish the effectiveness of the university’s English program.

6. Industry Connections: Bridging the Gap between Academia and Practice

Universities with strong connections to industries, publishers, or literary organizations can offer valuable opportunities for internships, workshops, and networking.

7. Research Opportunities: Nurturing a Passion for Inquiry

If you are motivated towards research, inquire about the university’s research opportunities, publications, and conferences related to English studies.

8. Student Support Services: A Holistic Approach to Well-being

Consider the support services available to students, including academic advising, career counseling, and extracurricular activities. A supportive environment can absolutely impact your overall university experience.

9. Infrastructure and Campus Life: A Conducive Setting for Learning

Evaluate the infrastructure and campus life. A helpful and vibrant campus environment can enhance your learning experience and personal development.

10. Financial Considerations: Making Informed Choices

Finally, consider the cost of tuition, available scholarships, and any financial aid options. Choose a university that aligns with your budget and offers financial support if needed.

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