Top Colleges in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Colleges in ChittagongGovernment Hazi Mohammad Mohshin College
College Road, Chawkbazar
Chittagong 4000
Founded: 1874
Phone: 031-614690

Chittagong College
Address: College Rd, Chawk Bazar,
Chittagong 4218
Founded: 1869
Phone: 031-616045

Agrabad Mohila College
Address: CDA Rd Number 17,
Chittagong 4100
Phone: 031-726171
Founded: February 12, 1988

Bangladesh Navy School & College, Chittagong
Address: Chittagong
Phone: 031-740444

Chittagong Cantonment Public School and College
P.O. Baizid Bostami, Chittagong Cantonment,
Chittagong , Bangladesh.
Phone Number : 683190/ 2584778
E-mail: [email protected]
Website –

Chattogram Government Women’s College
Nasirabad, Chittagong- 4225:
Phone : 031-655814, 031-2554004
Fax : 031-65581
E-mail : [email protected]

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Sir Ashutosh Government College
Address: Boalkhali, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Founded: 1939

Ispahani Public School & College
Chittagong Govt. Girls College
Halishahar Cantonment Public School & College
Ashekane Aulia College
Hazera-Taju Degree College
Government College of Commerce, Chittagong
Nou Bahini School & College
Chittagong Model School & College
Government City College, Chittagong
Patharghata Girls College
Omargani MES College
Barrister Sultan Ahmad Chowdhury College
Bangladesh Women’s Association School & College
Islamia Degree College
J.M. Sen College
Dr. Fazlul Hazera College
Chittagong Engineering University School and College
Chittagong Public School & College
B.A.F Shaheen College
Sitakund Degree College
Latifa Siddiqi Degree College
Faujdarhat Cadet College
Pahartali College
Hathazari Government University College
Katirhat Girl’s College
Fatikchari Degree College
Bhujpur National School & College
Isapur B.M.C College
Narayanhat Adarsha College
Nanupur Laila Kabir College
Nazirhat College
Gultaz Memorial School & College
Heako Banani College
Kuaish Burischar Sheikh Mohammad City Corporation College
Fateyabad College
Chittagong University College
Mirasarai College
Nizampur College
Baraiahat College
Rangunia College
South Rangunia Padua College
Rajanagar Ranirhat College
North Rangunia College
M. Shah Alam Chowdhury College
Boalkhali Shirajul Islam Degree College
Kadurkhil Jalil Ambia College
Satkania Govt. College
Al Helal Adarsa College
North Satkania Jafar Ahmad Chowdhury College
Alaol Degree College
Banshkhali Degree College
Anowara College
Paschim Patia A.J. Chowdhury College
Shah Mohsen Aulia College
Gachbaria Govt. College
Satbaria Oli Ahmed Bir Bikram College
Barama College
Bara Aulia Degree College
Chunti Girls College
Patiya Govt. College
Hulain Saleh Nur Degree College
Muzaffarabad Jasoda Nagendra Nandi Residential Girl’s College
Govt Hazi A.B. College
Mustafizur Rahman College
Raozan Government University College
Noapara University College
Kundeswari Girl’s College
Agrasar Girls College
Gohira Degree College
Imam Gazzali University College
Cox’s Bazar Govt. College
Cox’s Bazar Govt. Girl’s College
Chakoria College
Maheshkhali College
Kutubdia College
Ramu College
Eidgah Farid Ahmad College
South Asian College,Chittagong
Karnafuli College
Kachalong College
Ukhia College