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University of South Asia (UNiSA) is a private university of Bangladesh. It situated in the Banani Residential Area of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The university was established by the Private University Act of 1992. Its curriculum has been approved by the University Grant Commission (UGC) of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

University of South Asia (UNiSA) Ranking

Academic Faculties, Departments and Programs of University of South Asia

South Asia Business School
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

School of Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering (BCSE)
Bachelor of Computer Science & Information Technology (BCSIT)
Bachelor of Textile Engineering (BTE)

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School of Humanities
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & Culture (BAE)
Bachelor of Environmental Science (BES)
School of Public Health and Life Science[edit]
Bachelor of Environmental Science

South Asia Business School
Masters Of Business Administration (MBA)
Executive Masters Of Business Administration (EMBA)
Master of Bank Management (MBM)

School of Engineering
Masters of Computer Application (MCA)
Masters of Computer Science (MCS)
School of Public Health and Life Science[edit]
Masters of Nutrition & Food Science (MNFS)
Masters of Public Health (MPH)

Diploma programs
Diploma in Optometry & Low Vision (DOLV)

Admission Requirement of The University of South Asia
A higher secondary certificate or its equivalent in Science, Arts, Commerce or other fields of study is the basic educational requirement. Minimum qualifying points to be eligible to apply is 5. Students with English medium background are encouraged to apply for admission. Students who have passed 3 papers in GCE O’ Level (with Mathematics as one of the subjects) and two papers of A Level may also apply. Equivalent grades of O’ level and A’ level courses are calculated on a 4 point scale (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1). The best three grades of O’ level and best two grades of A’ level are considered for calculating the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at respective levels as bellow:

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University of South Asia (UNiSA) Campus
House 78, Road 14, Block B, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Telephone:02 55034091-2
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]