Last Updated on 5th November 2017

Rajshahi University (RU) results of the admission test of ‘B’ unit of this year’s law faculty have been published.

In contrast to 160 seats, 267 candidates were selected for interview. This result was published on the University website on Sunday afternoon.

A total of 137 students from ‘B-1’ shift to 119th order and 130 students from ‘B-2’ shift to 110th order were invited for the interview.

Law Faculty Abu Naser Mohammad Wahid said, from 7th to 12th of November, the admission forms of the admission form will be filled from the website of the university. The interview will be held on November 14 at 9.00am at the University of Dins Complex.

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At the time of interview, the primary and secondary and upper secondary examinations, registration card, certificate, subject matter form and examination will be accompanied by the signed entry form.

Detailed information on the admission test can be found on the website of the university (www.