Last Updated on 7th January 2019

In the Begum Rokeya University (BRUR) under 2018-19 academic year, the first year honors students interview will be held on 09 January 2019. Selected students are required to be admitted within the next 10 January. Students will get permission for admission in the 21 sections under the six faculties of the university for 1315 general seats as well as many quota.

According to the admission committee sources, according to the merit list of the students who passed the admission test, the first merit list will be given permission for admission from 9am to 3pm till the faculty interviews and their department will be given the choice. The university administration will publish the list by selecting the division by 10 pm on that day. The day after Thursday morning, from 10am to 4pm, the admission process will be started. Only one day will be the opportunity of admission. The University authorities, therefore, suggested to bring admission fee and necessary documents along with the admission fee.

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The admission committee sources further said that if any candidate fails to get admission in scheduled time, the admission will be lost. The first waiting list will be released on January 13, with the vacancy of seats. Their interview will be held on January 22nd. On that day, the list will be given on January 23 after the list of the candidates is declared by the topic. On the other hand, interviews and admission of admission students will be announced later on the university’s website. Apart from this, all information related to the University’s website ( will be available.