Last Updated on 8th January 2019

Australia’s immigration laws and visa application process has been revised in the new year. Some of these have already been published by the Australian immigration department. Let’s see those changes:

Australian Immigration Department will see tax accounts

Sub-clauses 457 or 482 will receive tax filing numbers for immigration officials. Immigration Department will work with the country’s tax department to see whether Visa has been paying the salary mentioned in his sponsor visa.

Time has increased the partner visa process

Australia’s opposition to domestic conflict The parliament passed the law in November last year to reduce family violence. The sponsor of Australia’s partner visa must be approved before the continuation of that law. The immigration department, living in Australia, will carefully evaluate the country’s immigration department. And if the resident of Australia receives approval as a sponsor, then the wife or husband’s partner visa can be applied outside the country. In all, the visa process will increase.

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New sponsored parent visas

Immigration Department launches new visa for permanent parents and citizens of Australia this year. The visa is expected to be started in the middle of the new year. Parents who have sponsored under this visa will have the opportunity to stay in Australia for five years. The immigration department will give 15,000 visas annually. Visa costs 5 to 10 thousand Australian dollars. The maximum can be applied on this visa twice. That means, there will be a chance to live in Australia for 10 years.

Increase in financial capacity amounts on student visa

If you want to visit Australia on a student visa this year, you will need to show at least $ 20290 in proof of financial solvency. Partners will have to pay an extra $ 7 thousand and $ 3 thousand for each child.

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South Australia’s new visa for entrepreneurs

South Australia state government is going to introduce new visas for entrepreneurs. The new visa process will not be complicated like other business visa. The state government has said it has not been mandatory to have $ 200 million in getting this visa. However, the amount of mandatory amount is not yet specified. Also, the English language proficiency test will be filled in the IELTS band score 5 if the visa requirements are met.