Last Updated on 14th September 2018

Online application process for the first year admission test of Islamic University (IU), Kushtia under 2018-19 academic year has started from Saturday the 15 September 2018. The application process will start from 12:00 in the night of 15 September and it continue till 12 o’clock of 10 October 2018. The admission test will be held from November 4 to 7. Acting Registrar SM Abdul Latif of the University confirmed the matter.

According to the Registrar’s Office, the authorities have decided to take admission in four units instead of 8 units in the 2018-19 academic year. Under the ‘A’ unit of the examination, 3 departments of theology department. Under the ‘B’ unit, 13 departments, including 10 departments of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and 3 departments of Law and Shariah, were included.

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Besides, under the ‘C’ unit, 6 departments of the Department of Business Administration and 11 departments of ‘Faculty of Science and Technology’ under ‘D’ unit were included. ‘A’ unit application fee of 500 taka, ‘B’ unit will be Tk 1,500, ‘C’ unit gets Tk 800 and ‘D’ unit has Tk 1300 for application fee to be charged. Under the five faculties 2, 275 students will be admitted in 33 dept.

This year the admission test is for the first time written test attached. In the examination, the number of 120 marks will be determined on the basis of MKQ number 20, written and 40 academic (SSC and HSC or equivalent) results.

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However, the student must pass both the written and MKC exams separately. In the written examination, you will have to pass the number 7 by number 20. If the written examination does not pass, its mccu account will not be evaluated. It is known that both MKQ and written sections will get 33 percent (26.4) numbers.

Note that admission test applications can be made through Dutch-Bangla Mobile Banking (Rocket) service. All information related to the admission can be known from the University website (

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