Last Updated on 1st November 2018

Rajshahi University (RU) 2018-19 academic year’s admission test results of ‘E’ unit published. On Monday evening, the results were published on the university’s website and on the notice board of Dean Bhaban.

According to the University website, according to the merit list of Group I and Group II, 1,745 and 1,735 people have been nominated for the interview.¬†Interview will be held on November 19, students of Group-I and Group-2 of November 20 will be interviewed. Nominated students will be available on November 15, on the university’s website, on the basis of all the information related to the filling of the subject choice form on the university website between 5 and 12:00.

Rajshahi University (RU) is the first year’s graduation (honor) entrance test results of A and D also published.

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A Unit: The website has been informed that according to the merit of group-1 ‘A’ unit, the first 15th November 18th and the first 15th of November will be interviewed, according to the merit of Group-2. The interview will be held every morning from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Place for interview

From the group of three groups of two ‘A’ units, students who will pass Dakhil and Alim from the next series of serials will be interviewed on 18th November and Group-2 interview will be held on November 19. Student nominated for the interview Should fill the topic Choice form on the University website from 8th to 15th of November.

After the interview, on November 20, the list of final elections will be published for admission to the Art Faculty and the University’s website (

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Drama and Music Division: The practical examinations of Drama Department will be held from November 1 to 5 and the practical examination of the Music Department will be held from November 1 to 4. Practical Test will be organized in accordance with the department’s program.

Faculty of Fine Arts: The practical examination of three departments of Fine Arts faculty will be organized in two groups. Group-1 will be held on November 1 at 9 pm and group-2 will be held at 11 a.m.

English section: Written in English section 9Part on 9th November, all practical examination locations should be received from the notice board of the Arts Faculty.

D unit: It is reported on the website that Group ‘1’ and ‘Science Group -2’ under ‘D’ unit science will be interviewed first two thousand and 4 thousand and non-science group-1 and 250 to 500 students as per qualification For

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The interview will be held from 10 am to 4 pm on the 19th and the 20th of November. Place for interview

The students selected for the interview will have the subject Choice form from 5 November to 15 November on the University website.

After the interview, on 21 November, the list of selected candidates will be published for admission to the Faculty of Knowledge Board and University website (

During the interview, the admission test will be done with inspector’s certificate, print section of the Block option form, the secondary and upper secondary examination sheet and the upper secondary examination card marks the main registration card.