Last Updated on 24th December 2018

Controversy about the Board of Trustees of some private universities and the case in this regard are going on. Some of the programs are also not approved by the UGC. A fair environment for education is missing  and also lack of infrastructure facilities. For this, University Grants Commission (UGC) has published a warning notice for the prospective students about 19 private universities. The UGC says the in any students will enroll in any non-approved private universities, affiliated universities in any courses or programs, the Ministry of Education or UGC will not be responsible.

There are several old universities which have been issued warning on admission. Some of the old private universities are included in this list, like IBAIS,  America Bangladesh University, Southern University Bangladesh and the People’s University. The UGC has issued a similar warning against the University of Comilla, University of South Asia, Darul Ihsan and Queens University, which has been developed in private ventures.  Similar warns are also provided other private universities like: Rabindra  Srizancala University, Keraniganj, is waiting for the start of the education program; Rupayan AKM Shamsuzzoha University, Narayanganj; ZNRF University of Management Sciences, Ahsania Mission Science and Technology University, Rajshahi; Shah Makhdum Management University, Rajshahi;Khulna Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah University, Trust University, Barisal and International Standard University, Sylhet International University, Britannia University, Comilla and Premier University, Chittagong.

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UGC has shown the status of various universities through issuing notification or notice from time to time, so that the students are not caught cheating or being subjected to higher education. As a part of this recent private universities of UGC have published a report showing updates on some recent private university universities. In the report, the UGC has issued a warning to the students of any of these courses or programs or university related university admission.

Asked to know, UGC chairman Prof Abdul Mannan told the trader that in the last two decades, a number of private universities have been approved for the promotion of higher education. Many of these universities are conducting educational activities fairly. However, some universities have shifted from the idea of ​​higher education and are being run for commercial purpose only. The students are being cheated by the admission of these unhygienic universities. So UGC issues warning and public notice from time to time to alert students and their guardians.

The first list of the UGC’s list is the name of Ibiz University. The board of trustees of the higher education organization have been warned about the conflict, the university’s board of trustees are divided into two categories. They have filed multiple cases against each other in the court. A case has been filed in the court against the UGC’s steps to ensure proper management of the academic and administrative activities of the university by resolving the conflict. According to the report of America Bangladesh University in the list of vigilance, it has been said that according to the law, there are no facilities available for floor space, teachers, officers and employees as per law.

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There is also a complaint against the University of the certificate. In a UGC investigation report, the University of Bangladesh has said that the education program at the university has not started yet. No teacher was also appointed.There is no infrastructure, teachers, officers and employees employed in the address given in the aforesaid address and no education program is also conducted. But there are numerous certificates being made there. There were reports on the issuance of illegal certificates of different programs on several computers in different rooms of the building. The files stored on the computers have been confirmed, the work of providing certificates of different programs to about 112 people is almost in the final stage.

Amnesty International Bangladesh University Registrar Moha Tajul Islam. He said, the reason why this kind of misery, the UGC is not giving any explanation about it. We are investing millions of dollars in the university campus. Students are not getting confused with this one-sided note. The UGC warned about the University of Comilla, that the university was closed in 2016. The university’s activities were not allowed to resume. Similarly, Queens University has said that the university is closed by the government. Although the provisional educational program for one year was laid in conditional for 2015, the private university did not launch it at the scheduled time. In the court, there is a case related to Queen’s University Board of Trustees, the report said. Besides, a letter was sent by the UGC instructing the Ministry of Education to stop the admission process of the university. Later the writ petition was postponed by the court.

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Likewise, the board and trustees of Sylhet International, Comilla’s Britannia University and Chittagong University of Premier University have also been warned due to conflict and suit. As well as some programs in the public university, unauthorized campus of the University of South Asia and the court order has been issued for the admission of Darul Ihsan University has been issued.

A UGC official’s university official said on condition of anonymity that after approval of the university, it has to be approved for conducting educational activities through the process of construction of infrastructure, recruitment of teachers and officials, employees and syllabus. However, many universities have got admission before the course approval and illegally selling certificates. Therefore, the names of the universities which have not started the education program have been mentioned in the paper so that students are not cheated.