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Scholarships and Study in Canada for International Students

Scholarship in Canada for International StudentsAlthough the possibilities of scholarship for undergraduate programs in Canada is very low. But there are plenty of opportunities for funding or getting scholarship for Masters and PhD programs. Following are the details for Study in Canada with scholarship.

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Some important websites for students about Study and Scholarships in Canada

  1. Website for study in Canadian Leading Universities:
  2. Website related to the admission to the Universities of Ontario Provinces in Canada:
  3. Official Website students in Canada:
  4. Useful Website to Study in Canada: and

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Scholarship Program in Canada for Higher Study:

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier Canada Graduate Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS):

The Canadian Government provides 167 scholarships each year, and at any time of the year there are 500 students in the various Canadian institutions including Vania Scholarship for their PhD program.

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Some information about this scholarship:

You must first be admitted to a Canadian University PhD program. The amount of this scholarship is approximately 50 thousand Canadian dollars a year, which is given to the PhD program for three years. These three are equally assessed for academic excellence, probability of probability and leadership qualities to be eligible. Candidates who want to study in the Canadian Institution must be nominated by them. Every year about 200 students get this scholarship to study at the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Waterloo University, Alberta University and about 100 students in other organizations.

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Application Timeline:

July to November: During this time, the applicants select the institution and prepare and submit the application form. 1 November, 2018 organizations will have to submit nomination in the Vanier CGS program within this time. Nominees will be emailed at the end of March 2015. Scholarship money started on 1st May, 019, 1 September, 2019 or 1 January 2020.


2. University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Awards (International Master’s and Doctoral Student Awards at the University of Waterloo):

For this scholarship program, $ 2,045 per semester for two years and $ 4,049 per semester for the PhD program is given for three years. International Scholarships for International Students are International Master’s and Doctoral Student Awards at Waterloo University. Eligible students for this scholarship must be enrolled full-time in Waterloo University’s research-based postgraduate degree programs and have a valid Canadian study permit.

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3 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS):

The OGS program is funded by the provincial government for promoting postgraduate studies at Masters and Doctorate level. The main points of this scholarship are its $ 15,000 Canadian dollar annually. The minimum scholarship can be up to two semesters. To qualify for this scholarship, a international student must be in Ontario with a study permit.

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Selection Process:

The academic excellence, which is determined by 30-50% of the weight and based on academic marks, competitive scholarship, prize and honors. Research Ability and the Potential in Program Study, Conference, Presentation and Originality are determined by. Communication and leadership abilities, it is only 0-20% of its weight, and it is considered relevant volunteer, leadership and academic work experience.

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Immigration and Settlement volunteers have been working for a long time in Canada for scholarship, student visa and immigration. It is possible to cooperate with the free information on ‘Immigration and Settlement’ website and Facebook Group, also known as a complete non-profit program. Many people have the dream of reading in Canada. But it is very important to know the details to study with scholarship in Canada.

Thinking about the cost to Canada as a student in the field of self finance, many people decide to take a scholarship program or immigration decision after completing graduation and post-graduation in their home country.  Agencies and brokers are interested in taking money through paper processing. But a student must find the right information about coming to Canada and make timely decisions.